Monday, August 19, 2013

Murder in the Garden: with a happy ending

We came upon a crime scene at the UT Ag. Gardens. 


We could not stand it! 

So  .  .  . 

To the the rescue

Hot glue drys too fast to get some of the pieces together so  .  .  .

Some pieces are missing. We used Bubble Wrap to support all the remaining pieces in the head. 

My head feels funny! 


What's wrong with my head?!

Um. Nothing .  .  . Your brains are sho .. err..your hat is so last summer.

My what is what? 

Never mind. We'll make it work.

Crochet hook to the rescue! 

Working fast I only have one episode of a certain mouse's clubhouse to get this done. 

That looks just like my old hat! 

No it doesn't. It has a (fast movements with hook and thread) flower. See?

Not bad, it makes me look thinner. 
(brain damage) 

A little waterproofing spray and all done! 
The repaired Mr. Gnome will be replace at the UT Ag. Garden when all the glues and waterproofing are dry.

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